Eagle Mentor Program

The Eagle Mentor Program is designed to connect Florida Gulf Coast University students with business professionals to create career focused relationships. The mission is to prepare them for success in their professional life by providing real world experience, information related to career paths, and general wisdom that only comes from the life experience that mentors can provide.

Our goal is to create relationships between mentors and mentees throughout the world, so no matter where you live, you can still participate.

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Become a Mentor

Complete the mentor application form. Upon completion, an alumni representative will contact you.

The role of a mentor is to support, motivate, and coach their mentees. As a mentor, you will make a difference in students’ lives by providing real life experiences and advice to your mentees. Mentors help mold and shape current students to become future business professionals and leaders within the community.


We ask that mentors remain committed in the program for at least one year, although we welcome mentors to remain committed as long as they please.

Become a Mentee

Complete the mentee application form based on your career interests.

The role of a mentee is to be advised, trained, and counseled by their mentor. As a mentee, you will receive advice from current professionals in the area of work you are interested in. Being a mentee can lead to internships and possible job opportunities after graduation.


We ask that mentees remain committed to the program for at least a year, although we welcome mentees to remain committed as long as they are enrolled at FGCU. Our hope is that mentees will choose to become mentors upon graduation.

To learn more, contact Sarah Stauring @ sstauring@fgcu.edu